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Minneapolis North says no public comment, but we still have questions!

Its upsetting that NORTH “Community” HIGH SCHOOL suggests that the community does not need transparency in the wake of Principal MAURI's decision to hire former NBA player RICKY DAVIS for the Boys' Head Basketball Coach. The communities concerns have little to do with RICKY DAVIS being a bad candidate. The concerns stem from the issue in our community that everything is outsourced. From our corner stores, to law enforcement and now even high profile community positions and the list goes on. Why are WE never good enough for US.

KHALID ELAMIN, hometown hero, 3x State Champion, Mr. Basketball, McDonald's All-American, Mr. North HIMSELF, who went on to win a national championship with the UCONN HUSKIES as their starting point guard, current Head Coach at St Thomas Academy with a winning season of 16-12 JUST last season, still was passed over by his Alma Mater. WHY IS EL-AMIN GOOD ENOUGH FOR ST THOMAS ACADEMY and not our very own NORTH “community” High school?

El-Amin is regarded as one of the best to ever do it, homegrown from NORTH MINNEAPOLIS. One could not mention North with out mentioning Khalid El-Amin.

WHY DOES THE “COMMUNITY” NOT DESERVE TRANSPARENCY IN PRINCIPAL MAURI'S DECISION? If I could speak to Principal MAURI, I would ask the following questions:

Can you confirm there was a voting committee? Was it dead locked at an even 3-3, when a North high player was brought in to break the tie? Or Was it 5-2 in favor of Ricky? Why was McKenzie so close to the situation, yet claims he had no part of influence? What was his role? When did Ricky Davis come in the picture? Did he make a large financial commitment? When the COMMUNITY helped you get your job back that OUTSIDERS took, how did you feel making this decision? What thoughts came to mind? If I could speak to Coach McKenzie, I would ask the following questions:

Who was your biggest recommendation? What was your role? Why were you in the room for the last interview with Khalid El-Amin and principal MAURI? Why are you claiming you had zero parts or influence?

You being all about community, northside and tradition, how does this decision sit with you?

Stay tuned for more updates on this story. Please sign the petition to help us get the voices of the community heard:

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