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About Us

Malik El-Amin -Founder

Born and raised in north Minneapolis. My specialties include; Media Marketing, Video Production as well as management. I am dedicated to changing the narrative of the word “trap”. 

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Our Mission

To highlight positivity until it becomes the norm. Traprite aims to entertain while informing. Through our work in the music and business scene, as well as the local community, we will change the narrative of the word "trap."

Our Vision

A world where "trap" means something positive. A movement of sharing and promoting music, videos and graphics, stories and events to cultivate a strong community that thrives on working together to accomplish the greater golas of our city.

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Our Team

Our team of creatives are well-versed directors, videographers, video editors, and graphic designers. We work alongside you to make your vision for your promotional video come to life. 



Interested in working for TrapRite?

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